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Regal Decorating & Paint Center, Inc.
1200 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: (561) 659-9034   Fax: (561) 659-7256

Our Philosophy

Redefining the Paint Center of the 21st Century

Regal Paint Associates Character Choices:

All Regal associates choose to Work Heartily (Industriously, Enthusiastically, etc.) as if they were working for the President of the United States, even Almighty God.

All Regal associates choose to be a Person of Integrity by: giving a 100% effort to the job they have agreed to do, doing it without grumbling or complaining; and by being completely honest and forthcoming in all their dealings.

All Regal associates choose each day to Demonstrate Value, Respect and Consideration to every customer, associate, vendor`s representative, and member of the Regal management team by treating them with the same respect and consideration they would like to receive themselves.

All Regal associates choose to Serve Others by serving/helping each customer and each Regal associate in the same way they like to be served and helped when they go shopping, dining or receiving professional services; knowing that the greatest person is the one who learns to serve others the most.

All Regal associates choose to Live Responsibly so they will be physically and mentally prepared and capable to cheerfully handle all the responsibilities associated with the daily expectations of a paint store; knowing how they live on their own time directly affects how they perform at work.

All Regal associates choose to Excel by taking every opportunity to become fully equipped and fully prepared to handle every situation properly as it relates to the paint industry; striving to become a highly sought after Paint Expert by mastering their chosen profession.

We Choose to give our customers The Best Value by providing:
The Best Paint
The Best Service
and The Best Attitude